Teeth Whitening

3The food we eat and the beverages we drink, as well as daily living, cause teeth to become dull or stained. Put the pizzazz back in your smile with teeth whitening! For the best results, we combine the Boost Teeth Whitening system with custom take-home trays.

Take home Tray System:   If you have slightly darker teeth than you would like, then the take home tray system may work perfectly for you.  This Teeth Whitening system involves minimal time in the dental chair.  Simply schedule an appointment to have some impressions taken, and we will make you custom trays, and give you Whitening material for you to whiten at home for two weeks, only 30 minutes per day.  The results are great, with minimal work.

Teeth Whitening ServicesThe Boost Whitening system is for people that would like to see a dramatic difference in the appearance of their smile.   This system takes more time out of your schedule, but is well worth it.   The Boost Teeth Whitening system involves two, two hour appointments in our office, where we place the Boost tooth whitening gel on your teeth and let it work it’s magic.  The appointments are two weeks apart, during which time you use the take home tray system to enhance the effect.   With minimal touch ups at home, your smile will shine brightly for years to come.

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